Thursday, 9 December 2010

Drawings from France (Talys, Versailles, people)

Recent drawings made during the trip to our friends who live in a small city Cormeilles en Parisis (literally "the pear tree in the 'Parisis',  'Parisis' is the name of the Gallic tribe") situated near Paris.
During our visit we had a chance to visit again the Palace of Versailles, which looks always so impressive. It was raining, but there were still lots of people making photos and walking in the garden.
Here are some drawings started during this nice trip and finalized in watercolor after I came back home.

On the way to Rotterdam before changing to Talys.

In the Talys on the way to Paris.

Versailles, people under rain.

Versailles, inside the Palace.

In the Talys on the way back home.

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  1. Hi Irina, love your blog. Am definitely going to follow your posts from now on.