Saturday, 18 September 2010

Drawings from Lanzarote

Here are some drawings from my sketchbook made in Lanzarote during the vacation. The volcanic landscape of Lanzarote is really impressive! Very nice island!
Black beach (near El Golfo, the famous green lake) with samples of different stones.

Volcanoes, National Park of Lanzarote with a sample of volcano stone, given as hot right in the hands during excursion.

Teguise Market.

Camel ride.

Puerto del Carmen, a tourist's city.

Local beach. Girl is making a volcano from sand.

Puerto del Carmen, local beach.


  1. I love the drawing of the beach at El Golfo and the selection of black lava rocks with green gemstones of peridot / olivine. Another one that caught my eye was Puerto del Carmen you've captured the bustle of the promenade with the beauty of the beach.

  2. Thank you, Jules, for such a nice comment. Lanzarote is very unusual and beautiful island and I hope to go there once again in the future.
    I saw you are writing about Lanzarote on - that's a great resource to discover.

  3. HI Irina i`m a lanzarote fan but prefer to visit in the Autumn months . My favourite spot is El Golfo and the black lava sands and outcrops which of course did not exist prior to the 18th century eruptions which covered nearly a third of the island in lava several metres thick. I love your sketches which echo the virginity of the Lanzarote landscape.

  4. Thank you for your kind comment! Autumn is probably even better indeed. During our vacation in August there were several really hot days: +49 degree.